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Abrasion Tester
The abrasion test gives a comparative evaluation of the resistance to the abrasion of specimens made of vulcanized rubber, plastic and different materials. The abrasion on a standard specimen is obtained through the use of a certified abrasive paper on a rotating drum with a standard test cycle.
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Automatic Stand-alone Hardness Units
Stand-alone automatic hardness units are independent hardness measurement devices designed for the execution of hardness tests according to a specific hardness scale. Stand-Alone automatic units have been designed to meet the requirements of research labs and for production control.
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Benchtop Testers
Benchtop Materials Testing Machines are designed to test a wide spectrum of materials including metals, plastics, rubber, textiles, paper, yarn, wire, adhesives, ceramics, timber, foils, composites and finished components in tension, compression, flexure or shear. Maximum frame capacities from 1kN to 75kN. We offers two types of tensile tester at the listed capacity thresholds, namely the S series and the T series. The S series includes a control panel as part of the test frame to allow the machine to be used independently, whereas the T series must be connected to a Windows PC to be used. In addition to our standard test frames, Tinius Olsen offers a couple of select application testing frames capable of accommodating wide specimens or testing at ultra high speeds.
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Compression Set with Thickness Regulation
Compression Set device made of stainless steel with regulable distance between the plates between 0 and 20 mm. The instrument permits to set the distance between the plates using a thickness gauge (not included) and to fix the position of the plates using a double-ring system. After the regulation, repetitive tests can be made without further regulation
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Dynamic Testerof Fatigue Test
The instrument is built according to International Standards about fatigue, which describes test methods for the determination of the resistance of vulcanized rubbers under repeated deformations. This instrument permits to perform flex cracking/crack growth test and Tension fatigue test.
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Flammability Tester
Instrument for flame resistance test according to UL94 standard fitted with Stainless Steel Cabinet for performing flammability tests of plastic materials, foams and rubber according to UL94, ASTMD635 and equivalents.
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Accelerated Aging
Thermal regulated Block for the performance of aging tests in air and in liquids of elastomeric materials at temperatures up to 250°C
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High Force Electromechanical Testers
These rugged electromechanical testing machines are designed to test metals, composites, rigid reinforced plastics, webbing etc. in tension, compression, flexure, shear, tear and peel. These machines feature high precision interchangeable loadcells, superior pre-loaded ballscrews and powerful drive systems that mean they can easily tackle the most challenging of applications. Load frame capacities are 100kN (22,500 lbf), 150kN (33,750 lbf), 200kN (45,000 lbf) and 300kN (67,500 lbf). All testing hardware is fully complemented by Tinius Olsen developed software that turns your hardware into a sophisticated quality analysis system. Be sure to examine our software products section to determine which package is right for your application.
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Laboratory Press
Laboratory press for the compression moulding of plates and specimens for laboratory tests
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Laboratory Rubber Splitting Machine
The machine permits to produce samples with customer defined thickness starting from finished products. The part to be cut is inserted between the motor-driven feed steel rollers and a blade, whose position can be regulated with 0,1 mm accuracy, splits the part horizontally. The high quality mechanical construction of the machine, the sharpening device with micrometric drive, the regulable feed speed and the integrated lubrication system of the blade ensure excellent results while splitting rubber or thermoplastic products with hardness between 30 and 75 Shore A.
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